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Providing our clients extensive industrial hygiene services since 1987

Located in Boston's western suburb of Dover, Massachusetts, Environmental Health, Inc. represents an array of clients across the New England region. Our firm specializes in a variety of industrial hygiene and indoor air quality services, which aids businesses and contractors with in-depth environmental assessments and compliance consultation. Whether you’re a building owner, facilities manager, engineer, or project designer, we can assist you in your needs with occupational and environment studies completed by our knowledgeable industrial hygienists. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

A background in safety consulting combined with extensive training experience round out our full service approach.  We specialize in commercial and institutional clients, with a concentration in higher education. Our expertise in asbestos services comes with a staff of over a dozen licensed project monitors, designers, and inspectors readily available, as well as in construction safety, hazardous waste site monitoring, nuclear power plant monitoring, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, mold testing, noise surveys, professional training programs, and ventilation design and evaluation.

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Philip G. Terrell, Sc.D., CIH, CSP


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Areas of Practice


To meet regulatory challenges and minimize the ever increasing liability problems associated with asbestos or silica related work, EHI can help you protect your workers and steer through the maze of federal and state regulatory requirements through air sampling, inspections, monitoring, and project design.


With an extensive background in industrial safety, EHI consultants can help on a variety of safety related problems. Our Certified Safety Professionals can assist with accident and injury analysis, confined space entry procedures, exposure monitoring, fall protection analysis, trenching and excavation projects, and safety program development. 


Mold in buildings may cause or worsen conditions such as asthma, hay fever, or other allergies in occupants. We can test a large variety of surfaces for mold and moisture content, without destruction of property, to assess ultra-small particle concentrations and provide feedback on remediation and control in your facilities.


We specialize in all aspects of environmental and occupational health and safety program evaluation, development, and management for clients in the life sciences and university research sectors. Read more under the services page to understand how we can provide technical support and training and to aid your facility in all aspects of OSHA compliance.


Our consultants can study your facility for indoor air pollution problems and improve the quality of air for its occupants. We can help evaluate building systems and discuss needs or modifications. Managers and project designers can also earn LEED certifications in their facilities through our detailed test methods and visual inspections. 


Industrial hygienists from EHI can evaluate a large variety of operations and processes to develop engineering controls to prevent worker illness. Through airborne chemical exposure monitoring, OSHA compliance audits, surface contamination evaluations, and noise surveys, our hygienists can assess the risks of these exposures and recommend an effective course of action for control. We can assist contractors in site specific health and safety plan development, worker training, and site and personnel monitoring on hazardous waste sites. 


We help guide our clients with responsive, experienced and ethical advice in a team atmosphere.
— Philip G. Terrell, CEO of Environmental Health, Inc.


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