Environmental Health, Inc.

Industrial Hygiene

Document exposures and improve working conditions.


Ensure a healthy work environment for all.

Contaminants from degreasing, welding, soldering, electroplating, spray painting, grinding and foundry operations as well as many other processes impose significant risks to workers.  Industrial hygienists from EHI can evaluate these operations and develop engineering controls to prevent worker illness.  EHI's services include:

  • Airborne chemical exposure monitoring 
  • Lead-based paint
  • OSHA compliance audits
  • Testing for air and surface contamination such as PCB's, mercury, lead, etc.

EHI’s experienced ventilation designers can assist in designing new ventilation systems or evaluating and upgrading existing systems. Our services include:

  • Inspection of HVAC systems for debris, filter bypass, mold growth and drip pan damage
  • Laboratory hood evaluations
  • Local exhaust evaluations
  • Ventilation design for new installations

Our team can also conduct sound level surveys, octave band analysis and personal monitoring to determine the status of compliance with the OSHA noise standard.  We can develop engineering controls such as enclosure design, equipment modification, barrier placement and assessments of the room's sound absorption characteristics.

  • Community noise surveys
  • Octave band analysis for engineering controls
  • Personal dosimeter readings
  • Sound level surveys